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Average Overall Rating*: 9.7
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Eugene K. (Rated: 10) - He is prompt, receptive, accurate, up to date, articulate and sensitive in responding to and anticipating our needs.

Sandra (Rated: 10) - Bruce Kiselstein handled my complete Estate Planning Portfolio Trust, Last Will and Testament, Power of Attorney for Property, Health Care Power of Attorney, Living Will and an Irrevocable Trust. Mr. Kiselstein asked many questions on what I wanted to have in my will and trust, then gave me very helpful suggestions and other alternative ways to achieve my goals. After completing all of the above in a timely manner, he went through each page, explained every detail and answered all my questions. Also, he included written instructions on what should be done to complete my trust along with future instructions. I am extremely pleased and very comfortable knowing my estate is in order. I know Bruce Kiselstein is the BEST!!!

Harold W. (Rated: 10) - Bruce did a great job in putting an Estate Planning package together and explaining clearly its import. There were complications because of prior marriages, but he was able to explain and suggest possible resolutions. He is very knowledgeable in the estate planning field.

Louis J. (Rated: 10) - He did some excellent work on my living will.

James E. (Rated: 9) - Patient, thorough, able to understand the clients needs, offers alternatives, warns of potential problems and/or conflicts.

Tom (Rated: 9) - Very fair - I asked him about coporate legal affairs, and he suggested I contact a corporate lawyer, as he was strictly estate planning. Of course, I think lawyers in general overcharge and are overpaid, but that’s another story!!

Fred & Judith (Rated: 8) - Very competent in the field of Estate Planning - no hidden costs. We are confident he will (and is) be here to advise us on our business/estate investments down the road. He is readily available to make necessary changes according the most current changes in law/IRS.

George J. (Rated: 10) - A very professional and knowledgeable attorney! Bruce helped set up trusts for my wife and myself as well as for my mother. I highly recommend Bruce Kiselstein for estate planning services.

Donald C. (Rated: 10) - Kiselstein provided an informative data session regarding my estate planning needs and assets. The legal documents drafted were carefully and clearly explained, and instructions to complete my plan were included.

Joseph P. (Rated: 10) - Bruce Kiselstein is an excellent choice for estate planning. Besides being very knowledgeable, he is a caring person who makes you feel comfortable throughout your decision making process. He has my highest recommendation. Many of my relatives and friends have had the same experience, and would recommend him.

Laurence & Florence (Rated: 10) - Rating #10 ! Second marriage for both of us in 1979 (18 yrs. ago). Had 1 Revocable Living Trust amended since it was done in 1981 by an experienced attorney, but he knew very little about Revocable Living Trusts. Distribution pages only have been amended since. Had own Revocable Living Trust written up in 1990. It’s wonderful - as is Flo’s! Had Landers Irrevocable Trust (for insurance purposes) written in 1990. We are most happy and have recommended him to others - some who have had theirs with Bruce K. HE has also sent us an update on 2 items in our Revocable Living Trusts - which were changes by U.S. Congress - but for which we were previously covered in his write up. Excellent work!

Anthony J. (Rated: 10) - Excellent presentation, he was very well versed in preparing special needs/supplemental needs Trusts.

James & Bridget (Rated: 10) - Bruce made the process as painless as we thought possible. He is a great communicator, and took the needed time to make sure our estate plan was the way we wanted it. We recommend him highly.

Displaying 1-13 of 13 total reviews.